We support and promote

the authentic beauty

At the forefront of cosmetic industry


Combining the scientific rigor of Swiss research with the Made in Italy excellence.

We are proud to offer an authentic and natural beauty through our product range, which was born from the combination of researching innovative ingredients and the most advanced technologies available. We offer solutions that stimulate regeneration and potential growth, regardless of age or sex.

LEVEL GROUP distinguish itself thanks to its expertise in cosmetic treatments dedicated to eyelash care and contour eye. Every cosmetic line represents a fundamental protocol that keeps being improved in order to preserve the eye beauty.

Top-Level Professionals

Our products are chosen and used widely by lash professionals in their salons, confirming the trust and effectiveness of LEVEL GROUP’s products in the sector.

Eyes that Tell Stories of Diversity and Beauty Across Any Border

We recognize that beauty comes in many forms and unites us all. Our products are created to enhance the beauty of everyone’s eyes, regardless of age, gender, or origin. We are dedicated to celebrating diversity and inclusion, allowing each individual to express his or her authentic nature through the light of the eyes. With us, beauty is a universal language that unites bodies and minds.

Identity and freedom to be yourself

We create specific treatments to enhance natural beauty.
No artifacts, it's not just about make-up.

Advanced Cosmetic Science

Our Values

Our company is constantly developing new technologies to produce eco-friendly, highly effective cosmetics. Through in-depth research of raw materials and an understanding of the physiological mechanisms of ageing, we create formulas for timeless beauty. The safety of our products is guaranteed by rigorous tests conducted by third-party institutes, complying with European and international cosmetics regulations and avoiding the use of animal testing. As the ideal partner for B2B relations, we also offer high-level performance and a global market view.


A team of experts in production and filling techniques is constantly striving to design new cosmetic production technologies that are more environmentally and health friendly, and unmatched in effectiveness and quality.


Constant development of our know-how allows us to select the best raw materials on the market for our cosmetic formulas: from sustainable ingredients to the ones most technologically advanced. The vanguard of Swiss research allows us to produce quality cosmetic formulas, ensuring high product performance.


All the product lines are tested for efficacy and dermo-compatibility by third-party institutes and comply with all dermatological requirements and European cosmetics directives. In addition, thanks to our knowledge of international markets, the formulations are compatible with the legislations of major Asian and South American markets. No animal testing is carried out at any stage of production or research.


As the manufacturer of cosmetic lines, we guarantee level performance to all customers and that we are the ideal partner for B2B relationships, especially for exclusive distribution. We believe in the power of vision, intuition, and flexibility, which is demonstrated in our market knowledge and the internationalization of our products.

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